Why Choose ZenTek?

Our main mission in everything we do is to establish a lasting relationship with your company; ensuring we maintain integrity in everything we do.

  • We Support and Manage All Technology from IT to Web to Cloud
  • Protect your Business from Cyberattacks
  • A Cost Effective way of Handling Technology
  • We Support Start-Ups all the way up to Large Corporations
  • Help Keep Your Business Up-to-Date with Technology Upgrades
  • Real Solutions for Your Business by Real People

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We do IT differently. We allow our customers to decide whether they prefer managed or non-managed IT. There are benefits to both which you can read here. The main difference would be a flat-rate monthly fee or a per hour fee as work is required.

    We do not charge any extra for after-hours or work that needs to be completed over the weekend. We work on a 24/7 schedule and will complete work during a time that is most convenient for the customer.

    We do have a ticket system, but it is not a requirement for customers to use. If a customer emails or texts us a request, we will enter the ticket into the system for the customer.

    We always offer a free consultation, which can be done onsite, via Zoom / Teams, or even via email communication. We will identify all of your current systems, including the various unique needs that your business has; and then we will make recommendations on better optimizing your systems. This is usually the official first meeting between ZenTek and your company. We have always wanted this beginning communication to be free and be able to feel comfortable with your IT Company before making a decision. This is part of the ZenTek Integrity Factor.